Monday Morning Blues

Once again, the week started with writing block. I have decided to tell my readers how authors deal with this common occurrence. You eventually have a complete weekend ready to handle your book. However, you end up with the writer’s block. What next? Have you ever been in this situation? Are you starting to share writing? Every writer gets this once in a while. The important thing is that we do not allow it to prevent us from writing. Here are some of my best tips for beating writer’s block.


Write freely

Young woman thinking in front of her laptop

What are you thinking at the moment? Write it down. Write about all that you are able to. Through writing about something, whether it is about the theme or not, you are typing something that is likely to have you get the imaginative juices flowing.


Create a routine of writing each day


Let it be your routine and custom to write one time daily. In the end, you will be writing that breakthrough book. To overcome this, you need to practice.


Utilize the plan of book writing


Is there a plan you have ready for writing the book? With a plan in place, you will have a structure of your book. Using this plan to work offers you perspicuity on the wide picture. This makes it very easy to go on moving forward since you are aware how you wish to have everything laid shared.


Switch on classical tunes

Picture of a man with headphone

Having classical tunes play as you work or listening via your headphones helps you to write imaginatively. I have discovered that classical tunes go well with me. However, consider playing your best tune while working.


Set some days aside


Rest for some days. Consider clearing the head of the writing fears. Having a break needs to offer you a different view and some fresh ideas to deal with.


Go through your best book


Going through a different piece of writing from your best writer might expand your brain to another writing structure and style.


Make it as if talking to a buddy


Which way would you use to tell your buddy about the thoughts you are putting together? Obviously, you would address them in a different way. Write plainly like you are addressing your best pal. Do not think about your audience, just write.


The initial paragraph is difficult


Among the hardest things in writing, it is the starting paragraph. You can spend several months on it. But after you find it, all other things are history.


Create a schedule like that of William Faulkner


William says that he only writes when he is motivated at nine o’clock each morning. What about you? When is the most fruitful time for your during the day?


What time do you feel most motivated to have all things completed?


Most people who are successful are the most productive in the morning and decide to have their most vital jobs done at that time.


Purpose to grow a habit of writing at a similar time daily while you are at your excellent moments and moods. Once you have your writing schedule, the mind will teach itself and get used to writing at the same time and it will be easy for you.